Our Classes

Ballet is the core to almost all other dance styles. It helps with muscle strengthening and coordination as well as keeping good posture. At LDF, ballet is a fusion of many different styles of ballet, including the Cecchetti and Vaganova schools of ballet. Different styles of ballet are taught to ensure well rounded dancers.

Jazz dance evolved as a response to ballet, and is traditionally more upbeat and energetic. Emphasis is placed on parallel leg placement instead of ballet’s turned out leg placement. This style is derived from street dance, broadway, and many other influences, and is usually a favorite among kids.

Tap is a dance style where the dancer’s feet help make the music. Rhythm and foot articulation are emphasized for clear, clean sounds and crisp foot action. This is another favorite among children!

Contemporary is a dance style that was created as a response to ballet, and is essentially a fusion of ballet, jazz and modern dance. The movements of this dance style are expressive and are meant to tell a story. It is an athletic style of dance where students enjoy working on leaps, extensions, and rolling on the floor.

Hip Hop is a dance style that evolved on the streets concurrently with hip hop music. It originally began as break dancing, but now encompasses such styles as popping, locking, waacking, among many others. It is commonly incorporated in music videos of popular music artists.

Tumbling/Acrobatics include fun & flips! This is where mats are pulled out and students learn skills spanning from somersaults to cartwheels all the way to back handsprings and aerials. LDF teaches tumbling concurrently with dance skills including leaps and turns.

Stretching & Conditioning is for increasing flexibility and strength using various dance stretches as well as yoga stretches to make an overall stronger dancer.

Jumps & Turns is a class where students work to improve technique on their jumps, leaps and turns. This class is a lot of fun and very beneficial for any dancer!

Combination class is where students learn a piece of choreography in a short time. This helps their ability to learn choreography quickly while still employing technique. A must for any competition student.