Our Staff

Lisa Sisco has been the owner and director of Lisa’s Dance Factory for 28 years. She began teaching dance as an after-school program, and as her business grew, she opened her own studio. She loves teaching all forms of dance and working with children. Her mission as a dance teacher and studio owner is to create a safe, fun environment where children can enjoy the art of dance.

Michael “Mikie” Cummings¬†has been dancing since he was 5 as a result of a clubbed foot correction he underwent. His mother enrolled him in acrobatic classes with Lisa and he’s been there ever since. He began teaching 11 years ago, and continually trains to be a better instructor. In addition to Lisa’s tutelage, he has studied dance at Wayne State University and attended workshops across the country with high profile dancers such as Travis Wall and Tokyo. He has also choreographed multiple award-winning routines for LDF. He is dedicated to teaching and making kids the best dancers, and people, that they possible can be.

Megan Vieceli is 20 years old and has been dancing for 14 years. For the last five, she has been a teacher at LDF. She began learning tumbling and expanded her repertoire to include Polynesian, tap, jazz, hip hop and lyrical. Dance is her passion and she loves spreading the language of dance to others.